Despite cyclical patterns, real estate has always been a rising commodity. Investing in real estate has the added benefit of having your tenant assist in or pay for your borrowing and maintenance costs. Over time your mortgage decreases AND market values increase so your equity or your return on your investment is not solely dependent on market value. Once the mortgage is paid down the monthly income generated by rental properties can represent financial freedom!

If you decide to invest in real estate you will need to understand the obligations of a landlord. Laws for Landlords and Tenants in Alberta has put together a list of common questions which you can view here.

When you are ready to begin your search for an investment property we can help you determine the style of property best suited to your investment needs, perform the search based on your criteria, provide you with a market analysis of any chosen property and provide you with a list of property managers if necessary.


If you have questions about investing in the real estate market or are ready to begin your search for an investment property, contact Coldwell Banker Complete at 403-686-1455 or fill out the form.